Fredo "Freddy" Johnson

Full name Fredo "Freddy" Johnson
Appearances The Grandfather
Date of Birth 1916
Date of Death 1957
Nationality Download (6) Download (7) Italian-American
Home Johnson Compound
Affiliation Johnson Family

Fredo Johnson was one of the main characters in GTA Mafia: The Grandfather, he was younger brother of Sonny and Michael Johnson.


Fredo was born in 1916 at Little Italy, New York. He was at younger age, playing with his brother Sonny. Althrough different than his brother, Fredo played with him, since he didn't had friends. Fredo was soft speaken, he was never angry. His criminal career started in New York, defending his father. Althrough one time he falied to protect his father, after an failed assassination attempt. After his brother Michael took over, he was placed as an underboss, in Las Vegas. He then betrayed the family. After his brother found out, he sent several assassins to kill him. Fredo died a gruesome death.