New York
Bedfordpoint-gta3-eastwards (1)
Appearances The Grandfather
Mayor Miles O' Donovan
Population 30,000,000
State New York
Motto New York dream live it, or better leave it.

New York is a city in USA, it's also the setting of The Grandfather series.


New York is a big metropolitan area, it is split in four districts: Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey.


New York is split up into several boroughs, which are marked on the map. The boroughs vary in size, population density, purpose and culture.



Manhattan is a big metropolitan area of New York, it's a commercial area of NY, it's the main setting of Price. And Grandfather.


Shoreside Vale

Bronx is the first rural area, it's where the airport is. Some of the sections are controlled by the Colombian Cartel.



Queens is the industrial area of New York, it's controlled by the Leone Family.

New Jersey

New Jersey is the second rural area. It is completely controlled by the Colombian Cartel.


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