Pay Day
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Game GTA Mafia: Grandfather 2
For Untitled531 Sonny "Santino" Johnson
Target Sal Martino
Mission Objectives
Mission Objectives Go to the Martino Compound
Sneak into the house
Eliminate Sal Martino
Get back to the Johnson Compound
Rewards $15,000,000
"Sal is getting on my nerves!"

Pay Day is the 33th mission in GTA Mafia: The Grandfather 2 for Sonny "Santino" Johnson (flashback).

Description Edit

Michael has a conversation with Kate about getting off the family business, Michael then goes to sleep, and remembers when he was younger, the player goes back to New York. And has to run to the Johnson Compound. There he meets Sonny, giving the mission. The player has to go to the Martino Compound to eliminate Sal Martino. The player first sneaks in, and kills the guards, then Sal. The player has to lose the tail of the mafia, and gets back to Johnson Compound.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission in Grandfather 2, in New York. The player can explore only one part. If he goes too far, the mission will be failed.
  • This is the first flashback mission, these missions take place as memories.