Sonny "Santino" Johnson

Full name Santino "Sonny" Johnson
Appearances The Grandfather
Date of Birth 1912
Date of Death 1946
Nationality Download (6) Download (7) Italian-American
Home Johnson Compound
Affiliation Johnson Family
"Connie? Connie? I'm gonna get that motherfucker!"
-Sonny's last words.

Sonny Johnson was a main character in the game GTA Mafia: The Grandfather and the oldest son of Vito Johnson and, older brother to Michael Johnson and Fredo "Freddy" Johnson.


Sonny was born in 1912 at Little Italy, New Liberty to Vito Johnson and Manuela Johnson. Sonny was interested in his fathers business, and liked it, but Sonny had anger problems, which ultimately led to his death. He played in parks, and wasn't really close to other children. And his life was pretty much empty. Then he grew up, and became the underboss of the Johnson Family, he made deals with other families, and tried to "improve the family". Even his father said that he was "Too hotheaded to be the Don". Sonny was a somewhat alcoholic and cheated on his wife.


Sonny was first introduced in the mission Wedding, when he attended his sister's wedding with his nemesis Carlo Monteno, althrough they liked each other at first, Carlo was abusive to Sonny's sister, Connie. One time Sonny beat up Carlo in front of his house. After talking to his mother, Sonny calls Connie and finds out that Carlo is abusive to Connie again. Sonny comes rushing with his car, only to find out that Carlo allied himself with Barzini, to kill him. Sonnie dies a gruesome death.

NYPD Record

**** NYPD Database ****

Surname: Johnson
Name: Sonny
Age: 34


  • Johnson Family

Criminal Record

  • Oldest Son of the Don of Johnson Family


  • Works with Johnson Family